How to Assure a Successful Dental Implant Procedure

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No doubt dental implants are a secure and long-lasting tooth replacement. But assuring that you have a successful experience with them requires some preliminary considerations.

Your tooth loss condition is unique to you. Complex or not, it’s essential to clarify a few things.


Tips for a successful dental implant procedure


Before you decide to invest in dental implants

Your first step is a consultation and oral examination. Tooth loss makes you a candidate for implant treatment although some health conditions can create problems for your procedure.

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer treatment using radiation
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Periodontal (gum) disease

These are potential “red flags” for an implant procedure. The more you share about your past and current health history the better.


Your implant treatment relies on this

Next to your overall health, the precise placement of your implant will determine the success of your tooth restoration. Examining the structure of your mouth, jaw bone, and gum tissue provides vital information for your treatment plan.

In addition to your health history, digital x-rays and a bite assessment provide necessary perspective. It’s essential that your dental implant is secured into healthy bone and gum tissue.

Thoroughness aside, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail. This helps assure that you’ll experience long-term satisfaction with your implant procedure.


Choosing the right implant

Dental implant treatment is versatile. And there are common types of implants that are effective for certain tooth replacement procedures.

Single implant

One dental implant can be used to replace the loss of a single tooth. Your implant is placed within your healthy jawbone tissue to form a new tooth root. The abutment (post) and dental crown (on the surface) create a new tooth structure.

Fixed, multiple implants

The loss of more than one tooth can be treated with multiple dental implants. The single implant placement procedure is repeated at designated locations in your mouth. Your tooth replacement can involve the use of custom-made dental crowns or be attached to a dental bridge that matches your surrounding teeth.

Removable implant-supported denture

The loss of all or most of your teeth in either section (arch) of your mouth can be treated with dental implants. Two or more implants can be placed to create a foundation for your new teeth. An implant-supported denture is a good solution when you have bone or gum tissue loss as the implants can be placed in available, healthy bone tissue.

Remember, that tooth loss conditions are unique. Your treatment will be successful when your tooth replacement with dental implants is tailored to you.


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