One reason that so many people are uncomfortable with dentures is because of the tendency to slip, or float. This can make eating and speaking difficult and even uncomfortable.  However, if a person needs to replace an entire arch of teeth,  or multiple teeth, they may not opt for dental implants because of the cost or the amount of surgery involved. The dentures are usually placed on implants that hold them in place and allow the wearer to continue their normal activity. Although the implants hold the dentures firmly in place, the dentures can if necessary be easily removed for cleaning. Because far fewer implants are used, minimal surgery is required.  A patient can still enjoy the benefits of restoring their smile without the extra care that comes with traditional dentures.Overdentures Overdentures are similar to implant-supported dentures in that they are placed on dental implants, and can take the place of traditional full and partial dentures. The use of implants gives the overdentures much more stability than those held in place with denture adhesive, and restores the function and appearance of a patient’s smile. In some cases, overdentures can be supported by the remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth. However, implants are considered the superior choice for supporting the overdentures, since the titanium post stimulates the growth and increases the strength of a patient’s jaw bone.

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