Reasons Not to Ignore a Dental Abscess

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The sooner the better. That wisdom makes sense especially when you’re experiencing a dental abscess.

Sounds serious! It is.

Because any worsening infection can increase your health risks.


Never ignore a dental abscess


Why a dental abscess is nothing to smile about

Oral infection can attack any portion of your mouth. But an abscess is different.

It forms deep within the structure of your tooth. The deeper it goes into the pulp portion of your tooth the greater the impact.

Pain will most often signal that something is wrong. Without treatment your pain will increase.

And worse, an abscess could cause tooth loss.


The root cause of a dental abscess

Basically, an abscess is an area of infection that has not drained.

Oral bacteria is the primary culprit. Bacteria allowed to multiply in your mouth will naturally attack the internal structure of your teeth.

Infection takes root. And the bacteria will eventually make their way into your sensitive bone and gum tissue.

Their ultimate attack targets your tooth root.


Symptoms of a dental abscess and what to do about it

A toothache is a common signal that something isn’t right. Tooth and mouth pain is a warning that your teeth and gums are unhealthy or that infection is beginning.

Other symptoms you might notice include:

  • Gums that are swelled and red
  • Throbbing pain when you chew

Your awareness is key to solving the problems associated with an abscess. But keep in mind that pain reduction is not an indication that you’re healed.

Antibiotics are often necessary to attack the early phases of a tooth infection. A prescribed antibiotic will help destroy the bacteria and prepare your infected area for treatment.

A tooth abscess will often require treatment beyond antibiotics. The extent of damage to your tooth and surrounding tissue will determine the best solution.

For example, tooth loss can be prevented with a root canal. This is a common procedure to restore a tooth damaged by an abscess.


Contact your St. Petersburg cosmetic dentistry specialist, Roberto Macedo, DDS, MS, PhD. about any questions or concerns you have about an oral infection including a dental abscess. Schedule an oral examination for a diagnosis and treatment solutions.