An Abscess Leading to Tooth Loss May Require a Dental Bridge

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If a cavity is left alone without proper treatment, it can cause a constant bacterial presence in your mouth that results in a tooth abscess below the gum line. Symptoms such as an ongoing toothache and pressure in the gums can hint at the presence of dental abscess. Often, an abscessed tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with a restoration such as a custom dental bridge.


Dental bridge


Dr. Roberto Macedo and our team are happy to discuss your options for treatment if you suspect you have a dental problem and want to prevent oral bacteria from accessing the bloodstream. If our dentist determines that the cavity is too large or the dental abscess too extensive, he may recommend that the tooth be removed to prevent the infected material from affecting other areas of your smile.

We offer a variety of services to replace a missing tooth, including dental restorations such as a dental bridge. Bridges are quick and effective as covering tooth gaps. Prior to placing a dental bridge, he must transform the neighboring teeth into healthy dentin pillars called abutments that will support the appliance. Then, a dental bridge can use the impression we create of your smile to make a bridge that matches your natural appearance.

The bridge is typically placed at a second dental appointment, with the use of a powerful dental adhesive to cement the appliance to the abutments. To learn more about receiving a ceramic dental bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida, or if you suspect you may have tooth abscess, please call RM Advanced Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at 727-202-4459 today for a consultation.