Who needs fluoride?

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Fluoride is a safe and effective way for you to strengthen your teeth. Fluoride helps fight against cavities by strengthening the outer protective layer of your teeth. With the wide variety of supplements and treatments, who needs fluoride and when should you use them?


Fluoride application on teeth


Our dentist, Dr. Roberto Macedo, is here to help you with your smile. That is why our team at RM Advanced Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida, wants to share with you a few facts about fluoride.

Ingested fluoride is essential for anyone 16 years old or younger. Children can start using fluoride treated water or using fluoride supplements as young as 6 months old. Swallowed fluorides do not add fluoride to the teeth to anyone older than 16.

Although ingested fluoride is not useful for adults, there are still topical fluoride treatments that are applied to the teeth that can still help strengthen your teeth. Topical fluoride can be in toothpastes, mouth rinses, or even direct applications to your teeth. Everyone can benefit from these applications and should be used following the given instructions for each product.

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