Faster Tooth Repair with a Same-Day Crown

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On occasion, like your automobile, your tooth needs repairing. But what if your tooth is beyond “repair?”

That happens.

And when it does, a dental crown can be the solution.


Tooth repair with same day crown

Do you have time for a dental crown?

It’s not about “time” as much as it’s about understanding why a crown is effective in the first place. There are a variety of circumstances caused by tooth decay, damage, or disease that make a dental crown necessary.

  • A dental filling is inadequate
  • Following root canal therapy
  • A tooth that’s cracked or broken
  • A tooth that’s unattractive and needs cosmetic improvement

These common reasons for a dental crown underscores its value.

But crown treatment can require an amount of time, depending on your tooth condition.


A faster dental crown solution

Same-Day Crown treatment uses computer-based, digital technology to craft and place your new crown in one appointment – without the need for a temporary crown.

The process involves a few technical details. Basically, the same-day procedure uses ceramic materials in our in-office lab to perfectly create a crown that matches your natural tooth color.

Standard (traditional) dental crowns involve more than one appointment. The materials used can include all metal, ceramic, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), zirconia, or all porcelain.

Traditional crowns require tooth x-rays, numbing, prepping the tooth and placement of a temporary crown, an impression using putty to obtain an accurate model for the crown, delivery of the impression to a select dental lab, return of the lab designed crown, and a second appointment to remove the temporary crown, replace it with your new crown, and assure proper bite and fit.


How the Same-Day Crown procedure works

Your Same-Day Crown is typically made of all ceramic materials. It’s uniquely designed to treat a decayed or damaged tooth like a traditional crown.

The Same-Day Crown process is unique.

  • A digital intraoral scanner obtains images of your teeth and creates a digital impression (no putty needed).
  • Your digital impression is delivered via software to our in-office lab equipment to create your new dental crown.
  • The crown is milled during a process that requires minutes rather than days.
  • Your new dental crown is polished, shaded to match your surrounding teeth, and cemented to your tooth structure.

Your Same-Day Crown will look and feel like your natural tooth. It’s designed to fit comfortably and restore your tooth function and appearance after your appointment.

Same-Day crowns are durable. And they can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Speaking of…care for your Same-Day Crown as you would your natural tooth or a traditional crown. Brush and floss gently and avoid sticky foods – especially in the days following treatment.


Contact your St. Petersburg cosmetic dentistry specialist, Dr. Roberto Macedo, DDS, MS, PhD. about your damaged or decayed teeth. Schedule an examination and treatment consultation to discover how a Same-Day Crown can restore your tooth function and natural-looking smile appearance in less time than treatment with a traditional dental crown.