When you visit RM Advanced Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Roberto Macedo may use magnifying loupes to more closely examine your teeth and supporting structures. This advanced imaging tool allows him to view the small details of your teeth and mouth that might otherwise pass unnoticed and perform your treatments with much greater precision.

Magnifying loupes, also known as telescopic loupes or surgical loupes, are a type of surgical microscope. They are binocular-like in appearance and are worn the same way that you would wear eyeglasses. The loupes magnify Dr. Macedo’s vision 1.5 to 6 times beyond his normal visual capacity. This gives him the ability to perform procedures that require greater precision and more careful attention to detail.

Magnifying loupes may be used during regular dental exams as well as during restorative or cosmetic treatments. Some benefits of magnifying loupes include:

  • A more detailed and up-close view of your teeth and supporting structure
  • A more accurate diagnosis
  • Detection of even the smallest indications of dental problems
  • The possibility of an earlier treatment, which may be less invasive, more effective and more affordable than treatments provided later
  • Prevention of larger dental problems and more invasive treatments in the future

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