When you lose a tooth, the supporting bone structure in the area of the missing tooth begins to deteriorate. Periodontal disease can also cause bone loss and result in loose teeth. If this occurs, our dentist will need to perform a bone graft before you can receive a dental implant.Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure that helps restore healthy supporting bone tissue to your jaw. This ensures that your jawbone is dense and strong enough to support your teeth and dental implants. Bone grafts are typically performed using bone taken from your own body but can also be performed using artificial bone material or bone fragments from a tissue bank. After the bone graft is placed, your jawbone will grow together with the grafted tissue to create a stronger and more stable foundation.Bone grafting is usually required prior to an implant placement surgery or as a result of damage caused by periodontal disease. After your implant is placed, it will perform the same function as your natural tooth roots, stimulating the supporting bone tissue to keep it strong and healthy so that you can continue to enjoy a stable foundation for your teeth.

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